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Peaceful & calm piano music for meditation, reflection, focus, while studying, researching, working, and of course also simply for relaxation and enjoyment.

Title: To End All Suffering | Type: original calm piano music session

Today’s calm piano music session is also a meditation and reflection about an idea that’s simple and complex at the same time. To end all suffering is huge. It might be unachievable, impossible to realize, even something questionable to strive for. One might argue, it's part of the human psyche to suffer, a mechanism to evolve, to experience things and life itself, to grow. Yet, to me it feels like an underestimated, important value, a goal to strive towards, in order to develop our personal and collective full, true, and unimaginably beautiful potential.

What would happen if I, you, we ask ourselves a couple times during the day a question like:

How can I contribute today to end all suffering?
How can I contribute today to end all suffering?

This is crucially different from today's more often found “How can add monetary value to the GDP and my account?”

A different take on the question: Do I or did I add suffering with that action of mine?
Or: Is what I do (e.g. the thing I do for a living, or my general style) actually contributing to less suffering in our world?

Not always can we know the full effect of our actions. Life is too complex to understand the complete truth about everything. There are and will be instances where we intend to do good, and still add suffering. On the other hand, this is 2023 and we all have access to many different sources and types of information and brains to process things to create a more complete picture of things than ever before.

One example: the CEOs, bosses, workers and marketers of say car company A and B do their jobs very well, believing they add value to the system, their customers, their shareholders, their bank accounts. True, value is added. They create and market wonderful tech. Safe to drive. Great. At the same time, suffering is added. Historically, today, and in the coming decades.

Those two brands choose to create mobility products that by design use unnecessarily huge amounts of resources and energy in the manufacturing as well as during operation of their product. A product with a vehicle to payload weight ratio of roughly 10:1, or worse, that most often carries only 1-2 brains from A to B.

Yesterday's thinking danced around GDP and its growth. A bigger, heavier vehicle could be sold for more $, therefore adding more to the GDP (monetary market value of a society). How sad. Of course, this had to translate to illness and suffering globally.
Heavy vehicle = way more tyre rubber use than light vehicle = particle pollution = kid’s lungs don’t like it = suffering
Heavy vehicle = more resources, energy, pollution = faster unfolding of ecological and climate catastrophe = leads most likely to the end of all life as we know it, planet wide across all species = suffering

We can think this through with other industries like clothing, eating, housing, “happiness products”, as well as behavioral actions.

Now, how do we implement the end of all suffering thinking into our world? Simply: Map the suffering a product, service or behavior does (can use multiple and diverse brains for doing so). Think of 10 or more ways to reduce that suffering by 50, 80, or even 95%. Optionally, find a business model around that. Implement. Optionally: Replace stock market index with index of no suffering. Reaching 90% of no suffering might be a number to strive for, what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

So, car brands: Maybe look at what Aptera is doing. Plus roll out light, highly sophisticated one seater designs.
Nations and states (I know you believe you need financial growth & tax revenue to defend yourself from being eaten by other nations and states): Look into the possibilities of international pacts, into what truly socially valuable, climate and ecological sustainable jobs, services and practices are. Grow those and mute those that add suffering. Also: It’s OK to learn from other nations. Implement the best from abroad. Implement social justice and polluter pays.
The rest of us: Ask the questions above. Related to a job, to an individual action. Daily.
Google/YouTube: How can I exclude polluters like in the example above (or even specific products from specific brands) from showing ads in front of my videos, without excluding less polluting brands? Me and other YT-bers don’t want to be a platform for those who obviously add unnecessary suffering. Allow us to choose to end suffering. Invite the good ideas to YouTube.

Life is complex, life is beautiful, life happens for you and for me.
Maybe discuss this with friends. Or non-friends. Online and offline. In the comments and beyond. Peacefully. Discussion is growth. Growth is love.

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