THE VEGETA WE DESERVE | Dragon Ball Deliverance Episode 3 | REACTION

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Monty Thompson : Vegeta/Piccolo/Narrator/Didger
Emma Breezy : Pan/Bra
Gavin Ej Neal : Majuub
Shadow of Chaos : Broly
Rus : Moori/Buu
Princely : Bulma
Steve Israel : CD
Tyrone Manguse : Mysterious namekian

After accepting a request from a mysterious group, it seems they cannot be trusted. In the blink of an eye, the Z-fighters got scattered across Namek. Each of them facing their own adversary.
Majuub quickly overpowered his opponent. After losing his will to fight, he decided to take his own life over being captured.
Bra and Pan have gathered their courage and decide to face their opponent head on.
Goten and Trunks have decided to pool their powers together and bring forth Gotenks, but even that wasn’t enough, receiving devastating blows in the process.
And as for Gohan, his fate is taking a turn for the worse!

What happened to Gohan, what is Hydra, and what is this ancient world? Time to find out!

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