Profitec Go Espresso Machine: Essential Upgrades

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Detalhes do Vídeo

In this video, I share with you the essential upgrades that I think every new Profitec Go owner should seriously consider making using this machine a smooth and stress-free experience.
Upgrades In This Video:
IMS Precision Shower Screen:
VST 18g Ridgeless Basket:
IMS 18g Basket:
ECM Bottomless Portafilter:
2oz Glass Measuring Cup:
Cafelat E61 8mm Gasket:
All Metal Tamper:
Dosing Funnel:

0:00 Introduction
1:05 Stock Accessories and Parts
3:20 Stock E61 Gasket
4:27 E61 Gasket Thickness
5:12 Stock Shower Screen
7:01 E61 Gasket Upgrade
7:37 E61 Gasket and Shower Screen Removal
9:05 E61 Gasket Removal
9:35 E61 Cafelat Silicon E61 8mm Gasket Install
9:56 IMS Shower Screen Install
11:11 ECM Bottomless Portafilter
12:26 VST Precision 18g Basket Ridgeless
14:10 Dosing funnel and my opinion towards new tools
16:13 Making espresso using all new upgrades
17:53 2oz espresso measuring cup
18:24 Pulling the shot
20:17 Conclusion

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