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**when using a NEW MOKA POT always make a couple of pots and toss them, this will prepare your moka pot (as the first pot or two will taste awful)**

Spilling all the beans... I meant... the secrets, on how to make a perfect and delicious “espresso” at home with the classic Italian Moka Pot. Yes I know this is not the technical espresso you get at the bar from the high pressure machines. This is our home espresso, il nostro “caffettino”!
From the bean, the grind, the water, the roast, the do's and the dont's, I am giving you all of the tips from Nonna and her always and consistently perfect espresso!
And I am also answering all of your coffee questions!
As always I will see you in the comments below to learn about all of your coffee rituals!

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00:00 Intro
01:53 Important Things to Consider For Perfect Cup of Coffee
02:48 The Coffee
03:33 My Favorite Coffee Brands
04:14 Types of Roast
05:00 The Grind - fine or corse?
06:15 NEVER do this!
07:13 How do You Make it? The Process
08:19 Simple Rules, Big Results
09:55 How to Drink Espresso - Various Methods
11:30 a few more thoughts and...
12:46 ONE EXTRA TIP for left over Coffee


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