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???? Tracklist:
[00:00:00] - The name of life [Spirited Away]
[00:05:37] - Ashitaka Sekki [Princess Mononoke]
[00:10:59] - Princess Mononoke [Princess Mononoke]
[00:12:31] - Nausicaa Requiem [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind]
[00:16:34] - A town with a view of the sea [Kiki's Delivery Service]
[00:21:07] - Goodbye Summer [From Up on Poppy Hill]
[00:26:16] - Put you on [Laputa-Castle in the Sky]
[00:31:34] - Futatabi [Spirited Away]
[00:37:13] - Bird Person [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind]
[00:41:28] - Teru's Song [Tales from Earthsea]
[00:46:34] - Once in a While, Talk of the Old Days [Porco Rosso]
[00:52:09] - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind]
[00:56:48] - Promise of the world [Howl's Moving Castle]
[01:02:05] - Arrietty's Song [The Borrower Arrietty]
[01:06:42] - The Wind Forest [My Neighbor Totoro]
[01:11:59] - Ponyo on the Cliff [Ponyo on the Cliff]
[01:15:36] - Rouge's message [Kiki's Delivery Service]
[01:20:12] - Country Road
[01:25:42] - My Neighbor Totoro[ My Neighbor Totoro]
[01:29:48] - Hikoukigumo [The Wind Rises]
[01:33:53] - Always and Many Times [Spirited Away]
[01:38:33] - Merry Go Round of Life - Howl's Moving Castle
[01:42:19] - Stroll [My Neighbor Totoro]
[01:46:53] - If Wrapped in Kindness [Kiki's Delivery Service]
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