DIY Mod Gaggia Espresso Coffee Machine (Part 4)

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FULL GUIDE to DIY Modify & Upgrade the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine Part 4.

How to make your espresso drink with expert level controls over the Gaggia machine.
Add Temperature PID controller for Brew and Steam, Pressure Gage, and Flow Control for the Brew. Included in these videos are Tips and Critical points to note during the mod process.
For your perfect brew!

This is PART 4 of a series of videos to Fully Guide you in the modification process for the Gaggia Classic Pro.

Part 0 (early April '23):
- 1st shot dial in after modifications, Results, Usefulness.
- Mod Schematics, Mod Reasons & Alternatives.

My Coffee Gears:
Gaggia Classic Pro:
Niche Zero:
Moka Pot:
Kinu M47 Classic:
The Jack Leveler 58.5mm:

Shades of Coffee Kits used in this video series:
1) New - Gaggia Classic Pro/2019 PID kit - 1/32DIN single display
2) Gaggia Classic - Flow Control Dimmer kit
3) Brew pressure gauge kit (inc adaptor) - for TopBox and case mounting
4) Blind filter basket (for backflushing)

00:00 Intro
00:17 Initial Controller Settings
04:45 Connect Remaining Wire to the Heater
05:35 Temperature Setting and First Test
06:36 Cable Management
07:55 Final Leakage Check
10:00 Install Flow Controller
12:03 Install Flow Potmeter
14:20 Assemble Funnel Extension
14:30 Assemble Top Plate
15:17 Fix Cover Issue
17:50 Grounding Check
19:32 Mod is Complete

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