Akumo, The Father of All Saiyans (Part 2)

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Detalhes do Vídeo

After Akumo tells Goku that he invented Ultra Instinct, the story dives into how he was able to create it. With his perfect mastery of Ultra Instinct, Goku is in trouble, but someone has come to help?
Animated by Lillo Briguglio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7GydOP38IArZasY6XKxauA
Written and Directed by Mastar
Akumo Logo by Shakadiemens: https://twitter.com/shakadiemens
Akumo 3D Model by Echo Victory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfeMIVxFyag&app=desktop

This Fan Animation is made for fun and I do not work for Toei, Funimation. Full credit to Toei animation, Fuju TV, Shueisha, and Akira Toriyama

2WEI - Catapult
2WEI - Neptune
Two Steps from Hell – Flight of the Silverbird
Two Steps from Hell – Amaria
Kings and Creatures - Bloodhound
Jo Blankenburg - Apparition
Kings and Creatures - Into the Dark
Two Steps from Hell - Stronger Braver Faster
Jo Blankenburg - Baron Von Finkenstein

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