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A strong iced cold coffee at your fingertips is one of the most satisfying moments on a hot day. Couple that with a sweet creamy cold foam on top, and you have the perfect summer drink. We’re making a vanilla sweet cream cold brew.

Into a jar, I just add 12 oz or 1 1/2 cup of coarsely ground coffee beans and pour in 6 cups of water. You can adjust as you prefer. Cold brew is not only more concentrated, it tends to be less acidic than regular brewed coffee. It’s very smooth and slightly sweet, making it so refreshing. I like making a big jug like this for the weekend and enjoy as needed. Weekends tend to be packed for us, so extra coffee is always welcomed. Brew this in the fridge for 12 hours and when you're ready to enjoy, just plunge it down or strain it into a cup and enjoy. But let’s take it to the next level and add some cold foam on top.

Sweet cream or cold foam is just creamy, frothy milk that’s poured on top of an iced coffee or drink. You’ve probably guessed - I’m doing a copycat vanilla cold foam cold brew like Starbucks. I have ½ cup half and half here - an even mixture of half cream and half milk, mix it with a sprinkling of sugar, and a squeeze of vanilla bean paste. Then with my milk frothing wand, just whisk it up. It’ll form these tiny bubbles that is light and velvety smooth. Pour it right on top of the cold brew and we have a delicious coffee treat to get us through the day.

S'mores Frappuccino:

Those warm summer memories of sitting by the fire with friends, roasting sweet marshmallows and making gooey chocolatey smores can last forever with this smores frappuccino.

Let’s first pull our coffee shot - I’m using this Nespresso pod but you can make an espresso shot with whatever coffee tool you have at home. A Vietnamese coffee filter or a moka pot would work well too. So once we have our espresso shot, let’s blend everything together. I’m going to place everything in my blender cup - some marshmallow fluff that you can find at the store, condensed milk, this helps to thicken it up, cocoa powder, ½ a graham cracker to give it that nuttiness, ice, milk, our coffee, and lets give it a whirl. The frappuccino is a creamy consistency, not too icy which is what we want. Now to dress up the cup. I like drizzling in a little bit of syrup on the sides of the cup just twirling it and then another dollop up the marshmallow creme at the bottom so it mixes with the frapp beautifully with every sip. I’m using this organic marshmallow creme you can find at whole foods. Pour in our frapp and finally top it with some whipped cream, and depending on how decadent you want this, you can add another drizzle of chocolate syrup and a sprinkling of graham crackers. Drink. This is summer in a cup.

½ cup milk
3 tablespoons marshmallow topping
1 shot cold espresso
½ tablespoon Dutch-process cocoa powder
½ tablespoon condensed milk
¼ cup whipped cream
½ tablespoon graham cracker crumbs

Caramel Macchiato:

Nothing is more popular than a caramel macchiato, the sweet creamy caramel sauce with an ice-cold milky coffee, it’s the #1 drink of the summer.
To make this, it's super simple, you just need some caramel sauce. I figure most of you are buying it already made, but if you want a homemade version, I'll write it out in the description box below. I’ll drizzle some inside my cup and then we’ll add the vanilla simple syrup. It’s equal parts sugar to water; I’m doing ¼ cup of sugar and ¼ cup of water and a tsp of vanilla extract so I have enough for a few days. I’ll simmer it in a pan just until it starts to bubble. Remove and cool. We’ll now add some at the bottom of our cup, add the ice and top it with milk, a shot of espresso, and another drizzle of the caramel right on top. Stir it up and enjoy!

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