1991 [60fps] Spider-Man: The Videogame 534240pts Black-Cat ALL

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スパイダーマン ザ ビデオゲーム / Spider-Man: The Videogame (World) Sega 1991 534,240pts BLACK-CAT Player SERGIO OUBEL 収録Ver wolfmame0.207 default settings / no miss / 1cc / ALL / world record (twin galaxies)

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スパイダーマン ザ ビデオゲーム

システムボード:セガ システム32
CPU構成[V60, Z80] 音源チップ[YM3438 (2), RF5C68]


Spider-man - The Video Game (c) 1991 Sega.

A sideways scrolling beat-em-up for 1 to 4 players; choosing from Spider-Man, Black-Cat, Hawkeye or Sub-Mariner. The heroes must fight their way through four levels of Dr. Doom's villains; including Venom, The Scorpion, The Lizard, The Green Goblin, The Sandman, The Kingpin, The Hobgoblin, Electro, Dr. Octopus and, of course, Dr. Doom himself.

Each player character has a different weapon or power that can be used throughout the game while fighting. Spider-Man uses his webs, The Black Cat uses her 'cat's claw' grappling hook and cable, Hawkeye uses his bow and arrows and The Sub-Mariner uses his hydro-electric charges. The game's viewpoint pans in and out between alternate large and small scale (4-way scrolling) sections. The game's 'camera' zooms out on alternate levels with the zoomed-out view introducing four-way scrolling platform sections to the gameplay. The game ends when the fourth and final chapter has been completed.


Sega System 32 hardware
Game ID : 833-8331-05

Main CPU : V60 (@ 16.10795 Mhz), Z80 (@ 8.053975 Mhz)
Sound Chips : (2x) YM3438 (@ 8.053975 Mhz), RF5C68 (@ 12.5 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal
Video resolution : 416 x 224 pixels
Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz
Palette colors : 16384

Players : 4
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 2


Released in September 1991.

All 4 superheroes in this game made their debuts in the following books : Sub-Mariner in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1, April 1939, Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15, August 1962, Hawkeye in Tales of Suspense #57, September 1964, and Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #194, July 1979.

Some of the tunes used in Spider-Man - The Video Game, are actually remixed tunes from Sega's 1986 arcade game, "Quartet".


Game's rom.
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