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沙羅曼蛇 <サラマンダ> / Salamander (version J) Konami 1986 1loop Player M.T.V 収録Ver MAME32Plus!0.110 ノーミス


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沙羅曼蛇 <サラマンダ>

開発元:コナミ工業 発売元:コナミ
CPU構成[68000, Z80] 音源チップ[VLM5030, 007232, YM2151]


美しい輝きを放つ水の惑星ラティスには昔から語り継がれている「炎の予言」があった。~千光年の彼方より、炎の海に生まれ棲む巨大な竜が目覚めし時、狂気のフォースが迫り来て、天地は闇にのみ込まれ、やがて光は打ち砕ける~ そして、その予言通りにバクテリアン星団のサラマンダ軍が惑星ラティスの侵略を始めた。ラティスの王子は、自分の名を付けた時空戦闘機「ロードブリティッシュ号」で自ら戦闘に挑んだが、満身創痍で脱出し、かつてバクテリアン星団を打ち破ったといわれる惑星グラディウスに救援を求めた。知らせを受けたグラディウス軍の勇者は、ロードブリティッシュ号を伴って、強大な支配力を持つサラマンダ軍の母星へ飛び立った。超時空戦闘機ビックバイパー発進!!
[出典:沙羅曼蛇 業務用販促チラシ(コナミ)]

Salamander (c) 1986 Konami.

Salamander is a 1 or 2 player sequel to 1985's superb shoot-em-up, "Nemesis". While it retained the same basic gameplay and feel of its predecessor (particularly the superb and innovative weapons system), Salamander featured both superior graphics and a more imaginative approach to level design. The earliest example of the latter appears towards the end of the very first level, in which imposing, organic obstructions grow before the players' eyes. The game's third level - the infamous 'lava' level - is another good example of Salamander's superb design; with huge solar flares constantly erupting both above and below the player's ship that must be carefully navigated to avoid instant loss of life. Salamander introduced further variety to the action with the introduction vertically-scrolling levels, which alternated with the standard side-scrolling levels.

Salamander's weapon power-up system is as follows :
* SPEED UP : Five speed levels.
* MISSILE : Press missile button to launch.
* LASER : Your forward rockets turn into deadly lasers.
* RIPPLE LASER : Use shoot button to fire.
* FORCE FIELD : Protect your ship with barriers.
* MULTIPLE : Increase your fire power by up to four times.

Multiple special powers can be obtained, but the LASER cannot be used in conjunction with the RIPPLE Laser.


Konami Nemesis Hardware
Game ID : GX587

Main CPU : MC 68000 @ 10Mhz / G400 Bios
Sound CPU : Z80
Sound chip : 2x AY-3-8910 psg


Released in July 1986.

This game is known in US as "Lifeforce", but it was re-released one year later in Japan as "Lifeforce [Model GX587]" (June 1987).


Game programmers : Hiroyasu Machiguchi, Mitsuo Takemoto, Toshiaki Takahori, Ikuko Minowa
Video graphics designers : Jun Sakurai, Miki Yoshikata, Ikuko Bando
Sound editors : Yoshiaki Hatano, Miki Higashino
Engineer : Yasushi Furukawa


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