1986 [60fps] Out Run 55118930pts Goal D (Passing Breeze)

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アウトラン / Out Run (sitdown/upright, Rev B) Sega 1986 55,118,930pts Player stella_blue 収録Ver Wolfmame0.194 Total Time = 4.42.75 (42.9 seconds remaining) No offroad trick

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開発元:セガ(AM2) 発売元:セガ
CPU構成[68000 (2), Z80] 音源チップ[YM2151, Sega PCM]

誰もが名作と認めるドライブゲーム「アウトラン」。美麗なグラフィック、良質のサウンドはもちろんのこと、これまでのドライブゲームには見られないシステムがいつくも存在する。まず、フェラーリテスタロッサに似た車の動きに合わせて、大型筐体が左右にムービングする点。また、1ステージごとに分岐点が用意され、プレイヤーが自由にコースとエンディングを選べる点。 さらにはスタート時に気分に合わせてBGMを3曲からセレクトできる点である。一定時間コース外を走っても減速しないテクニック「ギアガチャ」の存在は有名。全5ステージ。

Out Run (c) 1986 Sega Enterprises, Ltd.

Out Run is a legendary and ground-breaking racing game in which the player drives a red Ferrari Testarossa through a number of colourful European locations, trying to reach each end-of-level checkpoint before the tight time limit expires.

Out Run's lush, fast-moving stages are each packed with civilian traffic that, in addition to the game's twisting, hilly roads, must be carefully negotiated. Also, as players approached the end of each stage, they were presented with a fork in the road; a unique innovation that gave players a choice of which route they wished to take through the game.

As well as being able to choose which route they wished to take, players could also - via the game's "in-car radio" - choose one of three different catchy tunes to listen to while driving. The songs are 'Magical Sound Shower', 'Passing Breeze' and 'Splash Wave'.


[1] Standard Type
[2] Upright Type


Released in September 1986.

Opponent cars list :
* 1972 Volkswagen Beetle
* 1971 Chevrolet Corvette
* 1985 Porsche Carrera 911 Turbo
* 1985 BMW 325i Cabriolet E30
* Lorry

[JP] Dec, 1987 - Sega Taikan Game Special [28XA-198]
[JP] Feb, 1992 - Outrun/SEGA S.S.T. [PCCB-00081] - Composition by SEGA Sound Team and arrangement by SEGA S.S.T. Band. The first 3 tracks are arranged versions.
[JP] Nov, 1997 - Yu-Suzuki produce Out Run [MJCAX-00004]


* Fastest route : the fastest route for finishing the game is Right (Devil's Canyon), Left (Snowy Alps), Right (Wheatfield), Right (Autobahn).

* Secret credit message : right before the road forks, press and hold Start. When you choose one of the roads and the other one disappears from view, a secret credit message will come up on the screen.

* Instead of just pressing the accelerator all the way when you're about to start, you should instead try to keep the gas in 'the high greens' and just below red. The exact moment the green light goes on you should give it as much gas as possible thereby starting up much faster. Instead of shifting at approx. 170mph you should change gears at about 120 mph to avoid slowdown. This hint earns you approx. 1 second. This trick works every time you have to start from 0 mph but is difficult to time right when you don't have the green light for timing.

* The second before going off road you can change very quickly to low gear and then high gear again. If done correctly you can drive off the road without any slowdown for about 1-2 seconds. If you time it right you can actually change to low then high again after the 1-2 seconds and not loose ANY speed whatsoever when driving offroad. This way you can keep going 292mph even though you're offroad.


Designed by : Yu Suzuki (YU.)
Music by : Hiroshi Miyauchi (MIY)
From highscore table : Bin Chan (BIN), (KAG), (MAT), (IKA), (A.O)


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